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Gorilla Logistics was built by a team of freight shippers across multiple industries. This unique experience makes us more equipped than others to haul your freight, because we've been in your shoes.

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Gorilla Logistics is determined to change the freight brokerage experience in the United States. Meet the Management Team behind Gorilla Logistics. These are the people who will be by your side day and night!


Our team is comprised of shippers and carriers. We've been in the truck, we've loaded at shippers, and we've been held without detention pay. We know what it's like in your shoes. Haul for Gorilla Logistics and experience the difference.


Gorilla Logistics was formed to solve industry problems on both ends. Our founders and management team have been on the shipper and carrier end for years. This unique experience allows us to work closer with all involved to ensure the best service possible. We are built by shippers and carriers, for shippers and carriers.

Together our founders and Management Team are working to provide a better shipping and hauling experience for everyone. We are creating the best team in the industry and want to build our team of customers and carriers. We want to work together so we all benefit. 


The founders, John Tonsil Jr. and Shawn Palumbo are dedicated to the mission of creating a better freight brokerage experience. The best friends and business partners are entrepreneurs that have seen the positive and negative industry aspects first hand. 

Why the name Gorilla Logistics? When brainstorming ideas and setting up the business, John and Shawn came up with hundreds of ideas for the name. They knew they wanted a freight brokerage that was family oriented, dedicated, experienced, intelligent and technologically savvy. When thinking about gorillas, the concepts of big, strong, reliable, family focused, smart/intelligent, and advanced came to mind. Those were also the concepts they wanted to use to base their business.






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