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5 Reasons Why

1. We've been in your shoes

Our team has worked in the transportation industry as shippers just like you, so we know what it's like. We've shipped everything from fresh produce to rocks, stones, and building supplies. We understand the difficulties of trusting a freight broker with your freight, because we've done it and have been let down. The "Big Guys" don't care, and the "Small Guys" do not have the technology or resources to compete. We land right in the middle. We use the same technology the Big Guys do while providing the customized, personal experience of the small brokers.

2. Macropoint Tracking

Having visibility of your shipment in today's world is a must. There have been times we've hired a broker to ship truckloads of fresh produce and when the truck was late, the broker had no idea where the truck was. In order to mitigate this issue, Gorilla Logistics utilizes Macropoint tracking on ALL of our loads, at no extra charge to you. This allows us and our customers to have a location of each load every hour. 

3. Customized Communication

Do you want updates every hour? Every day? Either way works with us. We can have the shipment's location emailed directly to you or you can log into our site and see the last update at your convenience. No matter your preference, Gorilla Logistics will meet your shipping needs.

4. Quality Carriers

By only working with carriers that meet our strict standards, we lower the chances of issues with shipments. The "Budget Brokers" are using carriers that make you wonder how the truck made it from point A to your dock at all. It may work once or twice, but the more you utilize them, the odds of issues goes up.

5. We Care

When you entrust us to haul a shipment for you, you are putting your hard work in our hands. You may have spent hours and hours growing, picking, and/or assembling your product. When you book your shipment with Gorilla Logistics, we treat your freight like it's our own. 

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