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We are you. We are shippers and carriers. We've been there. We know the problems with how freight is currently moved. The good news is that we are dedicated to fix it. We are working to make a better freight brokerage! 

Based out of Reading, Pennsylvania, Gorilla Logistics, LLC. was founded by John Tonsil Jr. and Shawn Palumbo. Together, their vast knowledge and experience makes them perfect to start a freight brokerage. They are determined to change the system. To make shipping and hauling freight better. "We know the problems and are set out to fix them. The 'big guys' do not care and the 'little guys' don't have the experience or team to fully service customers' needs; that is where Gorilla Logistics comes in," says John. "Teamwork makes the dream work," Shawn states. "We are building the best team in the business and are partnering with shippers and carriers to build the best team in the industry"

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John M. Tonsil Jr

Shawn Palumbo

Gorilla Logistics, LLC.      P. O. Box 6083 Avondale, PA 19311                    484-334-4056
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