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A different freight broker experience

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Hello and welcome!

When forming Gorilla Logistics, Shawn and myself, set out to create a different freight brokerage. There are thousands throughout the great United States but we never found one that "had it all." Of course, every carrier finds a few brokers that become "brokers of choice", but that was not enough for us. Even our "top" brokers while running our trucking company seemed to be on a different team. At Gorilla Logistics, you are a part of our team. When we win, you win. Gone are the days of the broker calling drivers 75 times throughout a three day transit (its happened to all of us), the not being able to reach your broker when the appointment number they provided you does not work, and GONE are the days of not being paid detention when you deserve it.

When shipping a full load of produce 500 miles away, we called into the broker for an update. The broker had no idea who we were and said we didn't have a shipment with them even though we booked with them less than 8 hours earlier. After finding the shipment and calling us back, the broker told me "I have the drivers number, you can call him to see where he is at." I almost dropped the phone on the ground. As a shipper, you expect the broker to know where the truck with your product is and contact the carrier if needed.

We sat back one day and looked at each other and said, why do people make transportation more difficult than it has to be? That is where Gorilla Logistics was born :)

By working closer with valued shippers we are able to eliminate the headaches for drivers and carriers. In return, our shippers receive better service and come back to us and the carrier time and time again. We are building relationships! These relationships are based on respect for each other. We ONLY work with shippers and carriers that share our values because we realized the problem in transportation is a lack of respect for each other, their time, and their situations.

That is the key to it all; being on the same TEAM. Gorilla Logistics is set out to build the best team the transportation industry has ever seen. A freight brokerage where drivers and carriers want to haul more loads for us because they are paid well, fast and are RESPECTED as part of the TEAM! A freight brokerage where shippers look to us first because our carriers and drivers are respectful during transit and do what it takes to get the job done.

If this is something that sounds good to you. Please reach out to us. We are always looking to grow our TEAM.

Regards, John T.

Gorilla Logistics is changing how brokers, shippers and carriers interact!

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