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Experience the Difference

We've been in your shoes. We know what it is like to have a truck no show. We've had a broker not know where our load was. Gorilla Logistics is what we decided to do about it. 


With decades of transportation experience, our team has seen it all. Put our team's expertise to the test!

Customer SErvice

Providing superior customer service is not only our goal, its what we were built on.


Gorilla Logistics utilizes Macropoint tracking on all loads.


We are staffed 24/7 to ensure your freight keeps moving!

Ice Truck

Why ship with Gorilla Logistics?

Shipping with Gorilla Logistics is a different experience. Our team has years of experience in shipping products all over the country. Combined, our team has been responsible for shipping over 500 loads each week. All of that experience is now in one place to serve you. It does not matter if you ship one load each week or dozens, Gorilla Logistics will be your broker of choice!

What is our secret?  We work as a team. When you work with Gorilla Logistics, you are joining our team. We work to ensure the transportation of your freight goes smoothly as possible and gets delivered on time. We do this by partnering with top carriers and ensure that we track each load. We also work with you to provide the carrier timely load and unloads. This allows us to keep high performing carriers happy. Happy carriers equals happy shippers. 

Together we all win!

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