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Always Essential

Hauling for Gorilla Logistics is a different experience. We've been in your shoes. We've been given incorrect pickup numbers and sent to the wrong address numerous times. Most brokers do not care. They book the load and go home. We are with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are on a load for us, we are behind the scenes to be there if you need us. That is what sets us apart. We care! 

We care because you are the backbone of this country. We will treat you with the respect you deserve because we want top notch carriers on our team. We feel like together we can all win. It starts with our shippers providing us accurate details on the loads they want moved. We ask more questions, and double check the information provided. This will lower the risk of passing along bad info to you. Think the brokers you work with now do that? We didn't think so...

Our goal is to team up with you to find you freight in the lanes you want to run. We also utilize data to provide you with insights on what rates are doing now, historically and in the future. 

We know that with you on our side we can service our shippers better than anyone else. In doing so, we want to be sure you have the best broker on your team. Come experience the difference.

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Why haul for Gorilla Logistics?

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