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1. We've been in your shoes

Our team has experience as carriers. That makes a difference. We know what it's like out there on the road. We know what it's like to have reefer issues. We understand breakdowns happen. We hate being told to "just layover until tomorrow" to pick up a load that was supposed to be ready today. We've told brokers to get their own truck and live in our shoes for a day. Trust us, we are doing everything we can to change the experience of working with a freight broker. If you partner with us, we promise to be better than the rest. Give us a shot.

2. Better Shippers

We do not work with customers that "hold trucks up." We never have and never will. If the customer does not respect the carrier's time, we do not want to work with them. Plain and simple. We keep you rolling...

3. Zero Hounding Check Calls

Goodness. These can be the worst. Brokers calling drivers that are not even on the load! Or 15 check calls during your break. Not with Gorilla Logistics. We utilize Macropoint tracking to stop these crazy calls. It's a trade off. You use Macropoint tracking for the trips you haul for us, and we will not bother you with check calls. If you need us, we are here 24/7, but this allows us to not bother the drivers like other brokers.

4. Quick Pay

Everyone wants their money quickly! Sign up for our quick pay and receive your funds as early as the next business day after submitting your paperwork.

5. Loadboard

Gorilla Logistics has its own loadboard! You can log into your Gorilla Logistics account and view all of our open loads. The board allows you to bid on loads instantly; no calls or emails. You can now book loads in as little as 5 button clicks!

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